Saturday, October 24, 2009

Duncan's Wrap up

So I had a lot of fun this time around- after doing the WWSS two times before, I was relatively relaxed. I got my subject "Reunion", which immediately brought to mind thoughts of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, and got three female headshots (and one hot guy), so ditto.
Got home and wrote for three hours, discovering things about the characters as I went along- I'd write for about 4 pages, not knowing where I was going, and then get to that point and suddenly see where the next section was. Anne LaMott mentions, in Bird by Bird, that writing can sometimes be like driving at night with your headlights on- you can't see the whole way, but you can see a little bit in front of you, and you can make the whole journey that way- I've never felt that more than in writing this piece.

Finished a first draft at 3am, and went to bed for a few hours- woke up and pored over the draft, cutting unnecessary things and moving things around, adding some foreshadowing, etc...
Stopped off at Staples to print it (the one by my apartment in Queens this time, not the one on 9th avenue that fucked me over last time), then dropped it off. Met my director, Chris Simon (our mutual friend Nick had suggested that Christine not go random and just shove us together- she didn't, but we picked each other randomly anyway). He read the script, we chatted a bit about it. Jeffery, the guy from my play, showed up early so I met him, too- he and another actor were discussing what they might be wearing- not knowing what they'd be playing, they'd each brought some nice clothes and some slobby clothes. I didn't have the heart to tell Jeffery he'd be in his underwear (but glad I made that choice- even hotter in person).

I headed out to my sister-in-law's Noon UCB class show, where my friend Jason mentioned the classic improv book Something Wonderful Right Away, which of course made me think of the WWSS series- I think my improv training from years ago really helps with it.

Did get to sleep some, after all, then headed to the theater. Saw Erin and Jeffery in the hallway outside- Erin said the play was like Chekhov, a sad comedy- I took it as high praise. My show was second, which was exciting- the last two times I've been randomly first- nice to have a warm-up act.

When I wrote the play, I wrote with some of the performers in mind from what I knew from their headshots, and Chris had cast the women differently and perfectly.
The show was great, especially the second time when they got more of the lines I wrote out of their mouths. :)

I actually voted for Nora's piece as Best Script. Jeffery agreed with me, saying it had a It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia vibe. ...but sweeter.

I won Best Use of Event- Ironically, since Christine had intended that it be a family reunion, but I didn't realize that, and did a high school reunion instead.


  1. Thanks for sharing Jeffery's comment about my show. That is a great description! And I didn't realize it was "reunion" was intended to be a family reunion either - I guess it worked out anyway, huh? :)

  2. Yeah, I think it worked out fine. :)