Sunday, October 25, 2009

One week later....

Still mildly traumatized. Kidding of course. This was my 5th WWSS as a writer (I'm still emotionally scarred from acting in the first one and have closed that door... kidding....kind of... not really at all). I managed to scribble this one out between 11pm-3am with a few 8am touch ups. Afterwards went to Hooters. Came home and watched baseball and football. Sauntered over to the show. That's the life for me.

That being said, this was truly one of the stand outs in the WWSS world to date.

Irony of ironies - I got the subject of birth. Now, I could go one of a few ways. 1.) The kitchen sink adorable way. 2.) Offensive humor. Hooray for offensive humor!

I was blessed from the get go with a talented cast - I knew Aimee from past theater endeavors but this was my first time seeing her act. I had it on good reference that she was a strong comedic actor and ran with that. The accent/trailer trash was her add on which I thought was perfectly chosen. I'd seen Doua act once before and liking and knowing his talents - figured he'd be a strong choice for my frantic male double daddy (which he was). I wasn't acquainted yet with Melisa, but went on her resume and had her become my ready to pop, unknowing straight lady - to which she did with great fun and vision.

And Tom. Ah Tom. We have a bit of local history - he'd just acted in a one act with me (directed by Christine) and then acted in my play cycle 'Quiet Bed', and incidentally the morning after the shorts we were the last two men called back for a supporting role in an upcoming play (congratulations by the way - ass hat. Kidding. Sort of. Not really.) Regardless, I knew his comedic timing was excellent and he became my uber perverted doctor.

I couldn't have had a luckier pick of the hat then to get Gretchen Ferris. We've been working together since she AD'd Bludgeon the Lime and her vision, organization, and imagination are a-one. I knew we'd have something fun when, after her initial read, I asked if it was too bawdy. When she said 'no'. I knew we were on. With some fortunate ideas for staging and having it a face off between the two women, she brought to life the funnier actions through out it all - i.e. the ice fight and dual sedation. She also had the great idea of bringing 'Martha' (previously just a creepy fade out chant by the doctor) into a sock puppet and utilizing the mystery prop (pom pom) to great effect. That aside, the pacing, lines, and energy was exactly what I'd hoped for.

Major kudos to writers/directors new and old - this series of work was incredible across the board and really set a new benchmark for years to come (thanks for that guys....jerks....kidding... no I'm not.)

Congrats to all!

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